Tenant Notice To Vacate

Once Real Property Management receives a notification that your tenant intends to vacate your property.

We would like to address a few items with you to make the transition as smooth as possible.  We want to assure you that we will do everything possible to fill your vacancy as quickly as possible. We have outlined the process below.

1.     Advertising: We begin the advertising on your property 2-4 weeks prior to vacancy dependent on the condition of the property.  We have found over the years that most tenants actively looking for a rental have a move-in timeframe of less than 4 weeks from the time we show them the property.  Rarely do we have someone looking further out than 4 weeks.  Therefore, we will begin the advertising on your property 2-4 weeks before the known vacancy date that we received from the tenant.  Please understand that rarely do properties lease while still occupied by an existing tenant.   The last couple of weeks prior to move-out, the tenants are in the process of boxing up their belongings and beginning the moving process.  Obviously, the home doesn’t show well with the amount of clutter and everyday living that is still going on in the home.  Most likely, there will be a time period between the move-out of the existing tenants and the move-in of new tenants.  The cost of advertising the property will be a lease fee depending on your management agreement.  You will incur no upfront expense.  This will be deducted from rent after a new tenant takes occupancy.  The leasing fee on the property covers the property until it rents again.   Please do not request that your property be advertising any earlier than the timeframe stated above as Real Property Management will do everything possible to mitigate the property's vacancy time.

2.     Utilities: Please monitor the utility bills of your existing tenant.  If you are not receiving copies of their monthly statements, please request a copy from the utility providers to insure that any outstanding utility payments can be addressed with the tenant prior to move-out.  If you find out that there are outstanding balances and the tenant does not cover theses fees prior to move-out, please notify us and we will notify the tenants to make the payments or the security deposit will be withheld in the amount to cover the outstanding payments.  Please notify your utility companies that your tenant is moving out and if the tenant puts in a disconnect notice to immediately transfer the utilities back into your name.  PLEASE DON’T LET THE UTILITES GET SHUT OFF TO YOUR PROPERTY!  There will be fees to re-connect the utilities and the absence electricity or gas will make it difficult to show your home to get it released. Please make every effort to keep the utilities on during this transaction to prevent any property damage.

3.     Final Walk Through:  Real Property Management will conduct a final walk-through inspection of your property when the property has been fully vacated by existing tenants. We do not conduct a walk-through prior to everything being out of the house as it is easy to place items strategically to cover damaged areas that the tenants may have caused.  Our inspector will go over the condition of the property with our maintenance coordinator, which will then contact you by phone, email, or in person and make recommendations on any work that must be completed to ensure that your property is rent-ready.  

4.     Security Deposit: The security deposit is the tenant’s money held by Real Property Management.  It is our experience in court that Maryland is a very tenant friendly state with regards to returning security deposits to tenants.  Money from the security deposits can be withheld for outstanding rent, and damage to the property that is not considered normal wear and tear as defined by Maryland Law.  If there are outstanding charges the security deposits will be applied to charges in the following order… Repairs, Legal Fees, and Late Fees & Rent.  If the owner unlawfully withholds money from the security deposit and is found in court to be the losing party there are many penalties.  We want to ensure it is done properly.  Real Property Management has years of experience in these matters and we have a clear understanding on what can and cannot be withheld from the security deposit. 

5.     Collections:  Real Property Management has a nationwide collection agency used to recoup outstanding charges not covered by the tenant’s security deposit including damage to the property, past rent due, late fees, etc.  Should you elect to repair the property on your own, if that is necessary, Real Property Management requests that you remit receipts and invoices for work done within 30 days of the tenants vacancy.  Documentation of any repair work completed must be reasonable and in line with market rates charged for designated repair work.

6.     New Lease: Your leasing agent will contact you when your property is rent-ready to discuss the market conditions, pricing, condition of property, etc.   As with any commodity, price change with market conditions.  The rental rate that was received on your last lease may need to be adjusted lower, higher or left the same based on the current market.  Your Leasing Agent will be conducting the showing on the property and will be your primary point of contact.

 We look forward to leasing your property as quickly as possible and will do everything to minimize the property’s time on the market!

Thank you RPM